Online Wallet

Home Heating Oil Payments  Made Easy.

Here at Fitzpatricks Fuel we fully appreciate that paying for your heating oil can at times put pressure on your cash flow. We want to do all we can to help our customers.
First and foremost we help by keeping our prices as keen as they can possibly be. But to further support our customers we have introduced the idea of an online wallet to our system.
This will allow anybody who creates an account with us when buying oil online to save some money for future purchases. This money is saved to your online wallet.
It could be the middle of July, the sun is shining and you have no need for home heating  oil but you may have spare cash. You can if you choose to login to your online account you have with use and using your credit or debit card add some money to your online wallet.
You are in complete control , you can deposit as little or as much as you want as often as you want. There are no direct debits or standing orders.
Then when the temperature drops and you are ordering oil you can use the money you have saved in your online wallet to pay for your purchase.
Our system will record and you will have access to records of all your transactions, both lodgements to your online wallet and any payments from it to pay for your home heating oil purchases.

Any questions, just ask one of our friendly support staff.